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The Hindu Society of South Australia supports all Hindus in South Australia. Our members consist of Hindus who have originated from 9 different countries. From humble beginnings in the 1980’s, HSSA continues to grow each year in membership and activities. HSSA and its volunteers manage the Shri Ganesha Temple with its 84 festivals and observances each year, provide classes and activities in the Community Cultural Centre, and engage in outreach activities. We also support charities local to our location in Oaklands Park and many more widely in Adelaide.

When you join the Hindu Society of South Australia you support our activities and help to maintain this important community, cultural and spiritual complex centred around the Shri Ganesha Temple. Read more about our Mission and Vision, our Executive Committee and the history of HSSA in the links below.

Our Mission

To create a vibrant Temple Complex as a focus for the Hindu community, in which they can:

This is aimed at providing spiritual support and care at each stage of life of Hindus in South Australia, as well as supporting the Hindu Community locally and globally through service and outreach. We do this to keep the spirit of Hinduism alive for these generations and many more to come, and to be a vital and integrated part of the South Australian Community.

Our Vision

Our vision is succinctly captured in the statement:

“Uniting all Hindus equally under Ganesha’s Umbrella – Many traditions, all Hindus.”

Our members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a huge tapestry of beliefs, festivals and traditions. Here, in South Australia, all Hindus can unite under the umbrella of Ganesha where they are all equal, and all can engage in their traditions without fear or favour.

Service and Outreach

Community Outreach
A festival in the Hindu Temple

Our Hindu Traditions

Develop Leaders & Leadership

The Original Hindu Society of SA building in 1985

Our History

From humble beginnings, the Hindu Society of South Australia and the Shri Ganesha Temple have strong cultural and spiritual associations for the community and is South Australia’s first traditional Hindu temple.

Hindu Society of South Australia Committee

Our Committee

The Executive Committee of the Hindu Society of South Australia, under the guidance of its President and together with its Volunteer community, manage the Shri Ganesha Temple and Community Cultural Centre.

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