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A visit to the Shri Ganesha Temple Complex is an ideal way to learn about Hinduism in the Religious Education curriculum and get a firsthand experience of the Hindu faith in practice. Whether it’s learning about the world’s oldest living faith from an interactive presentation, or seeing a traditional Hindu temple and experiencing an arti ceremony, students young and old – as well as teachers – find their trips to the Temple to be educational, inspiring and enjoyable.

That is why so many schools and educational groups choose to visit us year on year, and as a result, we welcome around 60 such groups throughout a normal academic calendar. School groups include junior, primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and sometimes even universities. RE teachers and trainee teachers are also welcome, as are student groups from around the world.

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Click on the links below to view resources to help you learn more about our Temple and Hinduism, and to make your visit as smooth, pleasant, and productive as possible.

Visits can be made throughout the week, including on weekends and holidays, subject to available visiting time slots. Booking in advance is essential. Please use the enquiry form below and we will contact you to confirm your booking.

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School Visitor Guidelines

Shri Ganesha Temple is a sacred house of God and a place of daily worship. In the interest of preserving its sanctity and ensuring worshippers can enjoy the spiritual ambience, all visitors are requested to abide by the following guidelines applicable in all areas of the Temple complex.

Dress Code
Please note that a strict dress code operates within the complex. Specifically, tops must cover the shoulders, chest, navel, and upper arms. We ask that skirts or dresses must be modest. We discourage singlet tops and inappropriate emblems on T-shirts etc.

It is customary to remove footwear upon entering any part of the Temple complex. Shoe racks are provided outside of the main entry areas.

Security and Covid Restrictions
Please respect the security and Covid-19 procedures in place for the safety and well-being of all visitors. Sharp, dangerous and incendiary objects and substances (e.g. knives, matches, lighters, etc.) are not allowed inside the complex.

Bags & Cameras
Small (palm-sized) purses and wallets are allowed into the building. Cameras are not allowed without permission.

Filming & Photography
Videos and photos using a mobile phone – for personal use only – may be taken from outside the Temple Complex but no photography or filming is allowed inside without permission.

Mobile Phones
Please switch off or place mobile phones on silent mode prior to entering the premises. Mobile phones must not be used to take photos or video footage inside the complex without permission.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises, including in the car parks.

Food and Drink
No food or drink is allowed on the premises. Please discard chewing gum prior to entering.

Please refrain from touching the delicate carvings. The sacred areas in the Temple are quiet zones.

Children are welcome. However, visitors aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

The Temple Management may carry out photography, video recording and/or other monitoring that may feature visitors. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in these materials rests with the Management or such authorised third party.

Please Note: Due to the many special requirements throughout the year, especially due to COVID restrictions, timings and access for the Temple are subject to change, sometimes unavoidably without notice. While all reasonable measures will be taken to avoid any inconvenience, the Management apologises if any is inadvertently incurred. The Management also reserves the right to refuse admission to those who do not follow the guidelines and to those who may be inappropriately attired.

We hope you have a pleasant experience.

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