Special Pujas & Services

We provide a range of special services and pujas that are available for purchase.

Please see the prices below, and click on the button below the list to select and complete payment for a service or puja.

Oil Lamp only (temporarily unavailable)$5.00
Navagraha Archana$17.00
Motor Vehicle Blessing$12.00
Blessings - documents, keys etc.$12.00
Special PujasPrice
Milk Abhishegam$50.00
Panchamrtha Abhishegam$100.00
Hawan (homam)$150.00
Satyanarayana Puja$100.00
Annaprashana (first feed of solid food)$50.00
Vidyarambha (initiation to learning)$50.00
Chudakarana (baby's first haircut)$50.00
Naming Ceremony$100.00
Simantam (baby shower)$150.00
Shraddha (for ancestors)$75.00
Shodasa Dravya Abhishekam (16 items)$150.00

* Please note that GST is not applicable to these items.

Deity Siva Lingam
Ganesha Puja
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