Supporting Hindus & Hinduism in South Australia

The Hindu Society of South Australia established and manages the Shri Ganesha Temple complex in Adelaide so that all Hindus can meet, pray, meditate, celebrate their festivals, and pass on their traditions and values to their children and the next generation.

The Hindu Society of South Australia

The Hindu Society’s objective is to preserve and foster the Hindu way of life, philosophy and practices in an Australian context. With the support of our members, HSSA provides a vibrant Temple environment, performs charity work, provides classes and spiritual lecture series, conducts school student tours, has open days for the community, and much more.

Shri Ganesha Temple

Shri Ganesha Temple

The beautiful, heritage listed Shri Ganesha Temple was the first Hindu Temple in South Australia, and has been lovingly expanded into the beautiful complex it is today by dedicated, hard-working devotees.

Hindus from all over the world

In Adelaide there are Hindu devotees that have arrived in Australia from 9 different countries and all states of India. Our Shri Ganesha Temple accommodates them all, with their varying festivals, rites and rituals. All are welcome under Ganesha’s umbrella.

Pujas and Services

Visiting the Temple is open daily to all. You can receive darshan, worship, pray, meditate, and just spend time in the special spiritual atmosphere of the Temple for as long as you like (within Covid restrictions). Special rites and services can be arranged through the Temple administration.

Visiting the Temple

When we visit a Hindu Temple to worship, we enter a sacred space where we are in the presence of the Gods. Bring your problems, prayers and sorrows and leave them at the feet of the Gods. We ask that you dress respectfully, and, for first time visitors, remember to leave your shoes outside.

Outside view of the Shri Ganesha Temple in Adelaide SA

The Temple and surrounding facilities are currently being restored, expanded, and renovated to cater for the needs of the growing community while upholding the spiritual significance and cultural heritage of the Hindu community. For further information, click the button below to view the full Mahakumbhabhishekam brochure. 

Community Spaces

The Temple Complex includes several spaces for use individually or together, for our community to learn, celebrate, gather, and enjoy each other’s company.
The spaces are also available for hire for your special event. They are adjacent to the Shri Ganesha Temple and arrangements can be made to include pujas, homas or blessings in your celebrations.

Hindu Community and Cultural Centre in Adelaide SA

Community Cultural Centre

The Community Cultural Centre is available for hire for weddings, classes, lectures, conferences, family celebrations and other events. The Centre has an attached kitchen, outdoor eating area, indoor seating for 180 in lecture style or at round tables. There is a dressing room for brides and performers. The Centre can be hired with the adjacent Social Hall, allowing additional seating capacity. Bifold doors open to provide a large and flexible space.

HSSA Social Hall

Social Hall

The Social Hall can be booked on its own for smaller celebrations and events, or together with the Community Cultural Centre.

HSSA Community Centre Kitchen

Outdoor Dining Area

The under-cover outdoor dining area with fully equipped kitchen and amenities can be hired for celebrations and other events.


A festival in the Hindu Temple
Hindu dancing in the community cultural centre

The Hindu Society of South Australia runs a wide range of events at the Shri Ganesha Temple Complex and participates in outreach activities in the surrounding communities. Read below for more details.

Cultural Events & Festivals

Our scheduled cultural & Hindu events & ceremonies.

Hindu Education

We regularly conduct a range of Hindu Education based classes.

School Visits

A school visit to the Shri Ganesha Temple Complex is an ideal way to learn about Hinduism.


Scholarships are offered by the Hindu Society from time to time.


We have a strong commitment to being involved in each our local communities and participate in a range of support programs.

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